In 1984 Bram and I founded DSP-groep. Customer-oriented and critical, creative and analytical, pragmatic and building on solid research. A financially healthy, independent and sustainable business. Today, DSP-groep is still going strong. Something I’m proud of.

I love sound analysis, good evaluation and beautiful, clear texts that encourage reflection.
My ways are sometimes provoking, exaggerating, often confronting but always with the intention to find consensus, reach common goals, get results. That’s what I like to do, in the Netherlands and abroad.

As director of the board of the International CPTED Association (crime prevention through environmental design;, chair of the CEN working group on crime prevention standards (CEN 14383 series), consultant, and as member of the international COST action Management Committee I get to travel all over the world to lecture on these subjects.

Typically Paul

  • Sharp-minded
  • Sharp-witted
  • Sharp