Independent research, advice and management

DSP-groep is an independent institute for policy research and social innovation, established in 1984 and located on the banks of the River IJ in Amsterdam, Europe. We carry out assignments for national and international clients and have a broad network of professionals and experts all over Europe.

With our 40 employees and a large number of freelancers, we offer a broad range of expertise in areas such as Crime prevention, Safety, Youth, Welfare and Health care, Leisure/Sports and Culture.
We support our clients in addressing complex policy issues within society and we focus particularly on social, spatial and administrative aspects of such issues.

In this context we support our clients, for instance, in developing a registration or monitoring system. We may advise on a collaboration between organizations, coach our clients in the making of business plans or manage a project or organization.

In today’s society information comes to us through many different channels, the resources and possibilities are virtually endless. But what information is relevant, reliable, up to date? We help our clients in finding the right information. We research, analyze, draw conclusions and make recommendations, all in order to provide our clients with the tools to make properly substantiated policy.


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