Manual on how to tackle High Impact Crime (ProHIC)

Bram van Dijk and Paul van Soomeren, together with the National Police of the Netherlands and several municipalities, drew up a manual on the local approach to High Impact Crime, ProHIC.
High Impact Crime (HIC) such as violent assault, robbery and burglary impact negatively on citizens and their communities. The police and relevant local and national authorities work together with citizens and local institutions / companies to tackle, reduce and, where possible, prevent these crimes from happening. In this ProHIC manual you will find solutions and tips that have been proven to be effective in the fight against High Impact Crime.

Website ProHIC

In the coming months, the manual will be tested in practice at various locations in the Netherlands. The manual can be downloaded from the website Take a look at the demonstration material for a brief impression of what the manual has to offer.
The site also contains more than a 100 Pearls of knowledge: literature that indicates evidence-based what works and what does not work in tackling HIC and other crimes.

Cutting Crime Impact EU

The ProHIC manual is part of a multi-year European project in which six European police forces and various research institutes participate: Cutting Crime Impact (CCI). Information about this project can be found at


Would you like to know more about the ProHIC or CCI? Please feel free to contact Paul van Soomeren or Bram van Dijk.