On July 17th Paul van Soomeren will be Keynote speaker at the PRoTECT seminar in Brasov on ‘Developing and implementing security for soft targets and urban crowded places’. Paul van Soomeren is founder of DSP-groep and chair of working group at the European Committee of standardisation (CEN) on crime prevention and cooperation between stakeholders. He is also partner in the EU Horizon 2020 project ‘Cutting Crime Impact‘.


The PRoTECT project


PRoTECT is short for ‘Public Resilience using TEchnology to Counter Terrorism’. The PRoTECT project seeks to strengthen local authorities’ capacities to secure their public spaces, in particular before, during and after a terrorist threat. It uses tools, technology, training and field demonstrations that will improve situational awareness and improve direct responses that strengthen the security of public spaces.


In the framework of the European PRoTECT project, Efus and the Dutch organisation for applied research TNO have developed a manual to help local authorities use the “Soft Target Site Assessment” tool developed by the European Union’s Directorate General Home Affairs, which consists of a series of recommendations to assess on site the vulnerabilities of urban public spaces.


More information


Date: July 17 2019
Place: Brașov City Hall, Romania (information on logistics)

Read more about the seminar or register on the website of the European Forum for Urban Security.

Or email Paul van Soomeren.