Article for Quartz by Anne Quito

Lights, cameras, cops. These are among the new safety measures the British government introduced, amid the clamour for safer streets after the abduction and murder of Sarah Everard, 33, last month. The plan includes investing £45 million for additional streetlights and video surveillance cameras and placing more undercover police in bars and night clubs. It is unlikely to work, experts say.

Design strategies for safer streets

Paul van Soomeren, board director of the International Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Association, says it’s a nagging problem around the world. “What astonishes me is that there was a very strong movement of women and men asking for safe and secure public space for everyone as early as the 1970s.” He notes women-led research from the Vrouwen Bouwen Wonen in the Netherlands, Frauenbüro in Austria, and Canadian scholars GerdaWekerle and Caroline Witzman.

“It is really important to dust off these ideas again,” he says.

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