Interactive workshop

The interactive workshop ‘How to manage a crime prevention project?’ will guide participants through the various steps of a prevention project, from the start to its evaluation. Through real-life examples, moderators Paul van Soomeren and Bram van Dijk will provide the participants with practical tools ready to use in their work and reflect on participants’ own experiences.

Conference in Brussels

The European Crime Prevention Conference is the EUCPN’s biennial conference and offers a forum to share knowledge and experiences regarding crime prevention across the European Union. It welcomes policymakers, practitioners and academics but focuses consistently on the front line.

Partnership approaches in crime prevention

The main topic of 2022 is partnership approaches in crime prevention: co-production of security, partnership approaches, multi-agency crime prevention and more. The idea of working together to make society a safer place is shared by many. But collaborations also present challenges. How to identify the right partners? Who takes the lead? Which information is shared with whom? And how do we make it all work given every partner’s mandate and competences?

More information and program

European Crime Prevention Conference 2022 | EUCPN

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