The National Police and DSP-groep, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and Security, several municipalities and safety houses, have developed a tool for the problem-oriented approach of High Impact Crime: ProHIC. It was developed under the wing of the EU project Cutting Crime Impact (CCI), which was successfully completed last month after three years.

ProHIC comprises various practical and useful components in Dutch and English:

  • A website on which all ProHIC instruments, information and news can be found and downloaded:
  • The Book of Basics. A reference work on the joint approach to High Impact Crime (burglaries, robberies, street robberies, etc.) by municipalities, the police, the Public Prosecutor, residents and other stakeholders. It contains scientifically substantiated methods and instruments illustrated with practical examples and exercises. This Book of Basics can be downloaded from the ProHIC-website. It is also available from Boom Publishers as a printed book.
  • A summarising Manual and an even shorter Infographic and video (teaser).
  • About 350 Knowledge Pearls, produced by Jaap de Waard of the Ministry of Justice and Security, with evidence-based information on what works and what doesn’t when tackling crime. Every week we add more Knowledge Pearls on the ProHIC-website!

A more broadly usable approach

The method and the Knowledge Pearls go beyond High Impact Crime and can also be used to tackle other safety problems such as violence, organised crime (drugs) and youth crime.

The website is well visited (about 60,000 visitors since the start in November 2020), methods and instruments are regularly downloaded and used, and the approach is now taught at universities and colleges. Funding from the EU has stopped but DSP-groep will continue ProHIC for the time being. We will keep the site running so everyone can benefit from this tool and the ever-growing chest of Knowledge Pearls.