Paul van Soomeren had just returned from Tallinn, where he gave a presentation about radicalization and terrorism, only to take of to snow-white Oslo for few days. There, at the request of ÅF Consult, he gave a workshop for the employees of ÅF Consult and tegn_3. The workshop was about CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) through project planning: how can we prevent crime, nuisance, fear of crime and feelings of insecurity by design and management of public space.


ÅF Consult is an architectural and design agency that works in the energy, industry and infrastructure domains. They design sustainable solutions for the next generation. tegn_3 is an interdisciplinary architectural firm. Through inclusive methods and process-oriented and competent order management, they provide comprehensive solutions within architecture and landscape for professional actors in the Scandinavian region.

CPTED expertise at DSP

Paul van Soomeren, Paul van Egmond and Randy Bloeme are certified CPTED experts.


Would you like to know more about CPTED?

Please, contact Paul van Soomeren.