On 19 March 2019 the International Conference on Early Detection of Radicalization and Networking will take place in Tallinn, Estonia. Participants from EU Member State law enforcement authorities are invited to attend the event.

Paul van Soomeren will kick off with a presentation on radicalization and terrorism in general and will take part in the panel discussion Radicalisation- problem or phenomen?

The scope of the conference is to share the best practices across the European Union on the topic of early detection of radicalization, prevention and networking. Topics are:

  • Radicalization in general
  • Prevention measures and networking in international practice
  • Actual cases and lessons learned

Each section includes presentations, followed by a panel discussion moderated by the experts in the field. Speakers from the Netherlands, Finland, Belgium and United Kingdom will share their experiences during the conference. Among others, an overview of the terrorist act at Brussels Airport will be presented by a police officer who was among those who responded to the incident sharing the lessons learned from the event.

In addition to the officials dealing with prevention activities, those who have an interest in the topic are welcome to attend the conference. Please note that seating is limited. https://www.politsei.ee/et/darra

The conference is organized in the framework of Detection and Response to radicalization appearances (DARRA), a project that was launched in 2016. In the course of the implementation of the project, an evaluation guide for law enforcement officials was created in order to facilitate the determination of a possible threat of radicalization. And a handbook was created for officials from local municipalities advising on how to notice first signs of radicalization. The conference will present the main outcomes of the project.

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