Contributing to the well-being of young people, that is my passion. Through evaluation and monitoring of policies, interventions and approaches. The perspective of the clients and professionals in the field is important to me. I make sure I understand the actual issues, to make real improvements possible for those who need it.

I have experience with both scientific research and more practical policy-oriented research. I value both quantitative and qualitative research and integrate the results in a clearly structured and written report. My research style can be characterized as thorough and analytical, whereby I do not lose sight of the context of practice, and, very importantly, try not to add too much pressure to the often heavy workload of the professionals in the field.

After studying Orthopedagogics at the University of Ghent, I obtained my PhD at the University of Leiden in 1997 on a dissertation on adolescents with behavioural problems.
Before DSP-groep I worked (as researcher) at the University of Leiden and the Tympaan Institute in the fields of care, welfare and youth.