The Training Aggression Control (TACt) is an individual behavioral intervention that can be imposed on young offenders as a so called learning penalty. A penal sanction within a framework of criminal law. In addition to the regular variant, there is also a variant for young offenders with a mild intellectual disability (MID). For the reassessment of the intervention by the accreditation committee, a process evaluation was requested.

DSP conducted the process evaluation of the TACt Regular and TACt Plus behavioral intervention on behalf of the WODC (Ministry of Justice and Security). The aim of the study was to determine whether the behavioral intervention is carried out as described in the program manuals approved by the Justice Behavioral Interventions Recognition Committee.

The results will be used in the reassessment of the intervention. During the evaluation, some practical tools for improvements in practice have also emerged. Tips that can help implementers to better reach young people in order to improve the approach to juvenile crime.

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