Youthwise is a tool for professionals who work with teenagers and young people as a coach, youth worker or social worker. It encourages the development of young people, contributes to the professionalization of youth work and makes the results visible.

Youthwise has been a part of the Dutch youth work scene since 2011 and is also available for the international market.

Why use Youthwise?

It is easily accessible and can be used for a variety of target groups, methods and organizations. The working method is based on the learning cycle ‘plan – do – check’. The reports that Youthwise produces give valuable insights into the target groups issues, goals and successes. Youthwise can also be used to show the results of youth work to the (local) Government.

Youthwise has been  developed by DSP-groep in cooperation with local youth work organizations, the City of Amsterdam and the National Welfare Department.

More information?

If you would like to know more about this topic, please contact Bram van Dijk.