Over the past two years Paul van Soomeren (The Netherlands), Panu Lehtovuori (Finland), Andres Levald and Thomas Paaver (Estonia) conducted a series of international training courses on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design.
Police and border guards attended these trainings as well as people from NGO’s, municipalities, ministries and councils. The trainees were divided in small groups, taking on a real case study in one region. Each group presented ánd solved a real existing crime issue in that region.

The issue could involve a neighborhood, shopping center, road, square, park, etc. A method that was used in this training was blended learning; partly electronic (Moodle) and partly learning on the spot (in the case studies and during excursions to several European cities).

The course offers a customized solution to help resolve specific crime problems in cities and towns.


The trainees returned home and were able to train other relevant groups of people in their country. In total, a few hundred people were trained in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. The training also resulted in a training manual issued in five languages and an overview of the training course, also in five languages.

Organization and information

Participating countries were, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and The Netherlands
Main organisers in Estonia: Tarmo Viikmaa and Joosep Kaasik
Editing of the manual: Merli Klein

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