My assignments often result in an (evaluation of) a policy or vision, in scenarios, a project, program or a publication. I like to give room to the contribution of all those involved and pay attention to content and process as well as interaction.

I coach employees of governments and (cultural) institutions, I give presentations, organize workshops and design and lead workshops. I have substantive knowledge of arts, heritage and media, and managerial and business experience. At the same time I am creative and I can bring structure to complex subjects. I like to translate new ideas and concepts into practice and to get skeptics excited.

I work at the intersection of art and culture and the social, environmental and economic domain.
I studied Art History and Archaeology and Museology. Later supplemented by courses Organisation & Administration Science Journalism and Writing. Before DSP-groep I worked for the government as a policy advisor, strategist and program manager. I also worked on commission for museums.

Typically Annelies

  •     I like to add value; a new understanding, a different perspective or a new collaboration.
  •     I give people responsibility and encourage quality and development.
  •     I have extensive experience as a strategic advisor and program manager.