Alta the Lisboa is a highrise neighbourhood next to the airport in Lisbon, Portugal. This neighbourhood was designed decades ago. At the time the plans and urban sketches seemed a wonderful modern housing dream. Nowadays the neighbourhood is run-down. Many residents are victims of crime. They fear the empty spaces between buildings, spaces full of dirt and rubbish. And they have to deal with vandalism and graffiti.

COST Action

COST Action TU 1203 is all about crime prevention through urban design & planning.
We chose Alta the Lisboa for our case study and we organized a 4-day workshop in Lisbon. The participants represented a variety of local backgrounds and perspectives. We organised field trips, interviewed residents, analysed maps, had group discussions and gave presentations.


Our main goal: to increase the technical expertise of local actors and decision makers, e.g. municipality technicians and police officers. Consequently, we set out to build bridges between planning theory and planning practice by encouraging the use of safety criteria on urban projects under municipal responsibility. Thus laying the foundation for future regulations that will increase the sense of safety and the quality of life. In this neighbourhood in particular and in the city as a whole, with special regard for the more vulnerable social groups among us.

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